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Concours Preparation is the most meticulous form of automotive detailing.
Nothing is considered "good enough". It must be of the highest quality of
cleanliness and polish. Paint that looks "wet" and reflective, chrome
completely clear with no swirls, glass that disappears, tires that are jet black
with no gloss. The result is a study in contrast. Black tires, painted metal,
chrome accents, all individual and perfect. A vehicle that has been properly
prepared will stand out on any show field or auction block. These
automobiles or motorcycles will always command the highest awards.
Let Grand Prix Concours Preparation take your car or motorcycle to another

  • Thorough evaluation of the vehicle condition, including digital paint
    metering (if required)
  • Paint correction, color sanding as necessary
  • Exchanging of hardware, including hose clamps and applying proper
    decals and markings
  • Interior touch up,leather conditioning and dying
  • Refinishing small parts to original specification
  • Plating, Powder coating, Wrinkle finish and Jet Hot coatings available
  • Metal polishing, aluminum,brass, copper and nickel.
  • Complete research and preparation with actual scoring sheets when
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275gtb/4 color sanding
Lamborghini Miura S
Morgan +4